Welcome to Bromley Lippincott Publishing, home of good ideas and grand notions!

I’m your proprietess, Jennifer Shepherd. This is the site I maintain as a business presence in cyberspace, and you’ll find updates about the new books and courses and other goodies that I’m publishing here at this site.

I’ll also be updating the Publishing Blog from time to time with articles about editing, formatting, and publishing books. Hopefully these will be of help to some of you who might be interested in becoming a publisher yourself. In this day and age, there’s really very little reason not to become your own publisher. Mainstream publishing houses are dead, bookstores are disappearing, and most people order books and Ebooks online. So why not get in on the action? :) You get to keep a much bigger percentage of all royalties earned, and with a little creative use of a website, blog and/or Facebook page, you can be making sales almost instantly.

My new book is called The Lipstick Mystic’s® Guide to Time Traveling, Healing the Time Body, and Finding the Best Possible Timeline (While Others Do the Apocalypso Dance). You can read more about it and download the first 25 pages, plus the table of contents, for free at my Shop page. Since its launch in late February of this year, it has amassed an impressive 15 five star reviews out of 16 total reviews on Amazon. (And the one negative review was from a woman who admitted within the text of her review that she didn’t yet have a copy of the book — so I’m not sure why Amazon keeps her fake “review” up there!) :)

You can purchase my book on all of the Amazon sites, including the Amazons in the UK, Canada, Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Japan. It’s also available at Barnes and Noble’s online store. The Kindle and Nook versions will be available soon.

You can read about my work teaching cutting edge healing techniques, cult deprogramming (helping people get rid of all that psychic clutter that we all accumulate from religions, New Age groups, and so on) and more at my primary website, LipstickMystic.com. Be warned – you’ll also find the occasional photo of fat and lazy Publishing Cats — they’re my fuzzy assistants in publishing!

See you there!

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