Right now my primary publication is a cutting edge new book of mine about my real life adventures as a time traveler. You see, I was a full-time professional time traveler for about ten years when I had my psychic counselling practice. Pretty cool job, huh? :)

I learned tons of things from my work. I saw how people too often fail to take charge of their lives, expel negative programming and spiritual toxins, and move forward to create a better timeline for themselves. Instead, they usually default to whatever negative or heavy energy is around them in their personal and professional lives. Over time, they can get addicted to some of those all-too-popular “doom and gloom” notions that are always floating around out there, waiting around for the Rapture and Armageddon, hoping to ascend in their “light body” to a higher dimension, or just hoping the aliens will come by and take them away! :)

None of that is good for you!

In my book I reveal what the time angels taught me about how time and probability are one. I show you how to heal your time body, one of many subtle energy bodies that surrounds the physical one. And I show you how time’s very nature is changing, encouraging us to live more on “shamanic” time or “synchronistic” time if we want to experience greater health, wealth and vitality and move away from fear and struggle.

You can read the first 25 pages of the book, plus the table of contents, for free.

It’s a pdf file so you’ll need a program like the free Adobe Reader that can read PDF files.

Just click on this link and the pdf file will instantly download. Save it somewhere where you can find it later, like onto your desktop. Then open up Adobe Reader and read the file.

Click Here to Download the First 25 Pages.

Have fun! I know you’ll want to join me as I share my real life adventures with time.

And don’t forget — the REAL action happens at my main website, You’ll find loads of articles in my blog about self-healing, psychic experiences, connecting with Mother Earth — plus, you’ll also find a fair number of rants!

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